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    SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results:

  • SEO Links allow the search engines' automated robots, called "crawlers" or "spiders," to reach the many billions of interconnected documents on the web.

  • SEO’s crawlers or spiders decipher the code from the pages and store selected pieces in massive databases, to be recalled later when needed for a search query.

  • Search engines are answer machines. When a person performs an online search, the SEO returns only those results that are relevant or useful to the searcher's query and it ranks those results according to the popularity of the websites serving the information. It is both relevance and popularity that the process of SEO is meant to influence.

Our USP:

  • We help you create organic listings at minimum cost and with the least effort you can watch your website get consistent traffic. Our Analytics and reporting tools help you see a clear cut increase in traffic. This is a definite way to maximize your business efforts. We ensure that you get results rather quickly for you to see an increase at a steady rate.

  • Credibility of a business plays a crucial role in its sales growth. We help you build that credibility in a way that you’re the business that the competitors want to beat. The further back you are in rankings on Google the more people are skeptical about your website. If google has a spot dedicated to you at the top especially if it is a top tier listing with other subpages listed below the main home page it gives your website credibility that no ad can top. We help you gain that top spot.

  • General analysis says that when you buy 1000 visitors from a paid ad, 2% of those visitors might convert into a sale but when you get 1000 clicks from SEO, 4% of those visitors will convert into a sale, leading to a better return on investment. With minimum investment and our maximum ROI promise we help you create this value which is much more beneficial from paid marketing.

  • SEO can bring it thousands upon thousands of visitors to your website a day and thus wehelp you expand to a larger web server to accommodate the traffic and sales to your website. Your customers may recommend you a product or service that they were looking for when they visited your website and your investment with us ensures thatyour website goes to the next level.

  • You get access to loads of customer data that you may want to access. We help you discover new products to expand to by looking at keyword data and seeing what people are searching the most for. We give you this advantage that helps you find a high search volume keyword with low competitiveness and bring in lots of sales per month to your website. With little upkeeping and maintenance costs we help you optimize every single click that adds value to your business.


  • Following Strict NDA Terms
  • Minimum 4 years Experienced developer underneath of Project Manager
  • Quick Turnaround and Can have direct communication with developer
  • Comprehensive reporting style
  • Ready to use Infrastructure
  • No robotic solution, and will have active participation in any solution.
  • Innovative and Pragmatic approach
  • Ready to record screen.

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