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Why Flutter is the Future Trend in Mobile App Development

Create Big Flutter for your Mobile Apps with Flutter Development for Future

A mobile app has the potential to get your business off for a successful start reach heights. The mobile app for your business must represent your brand in a way that your customers have no problem recalling it and has enough features to engage them in a meaningful manner. To build such an app that also efficient, scalable, safe and secure needs the right tools and technology. The Google’s Flutter is the new kid on the block that is showing to be the promising tech out there for development of the cross-platform mobile app development.

Flutter app development is a new phenomenon and not many development companies have experience engineers working on it. It was released in 2017 as an open source, cross-platform app development technology that can speed up app development and speedup the whole process. With a dedicated Flutter team at Raindrops InfoTech, we are amongst the best Flutter app development company in USA and APAC.

In 2020 and the years to come the biggest challenge is to take your idea to the market as fast as you have had it first time. Because of all the innovation going on, you are most likely not going to be the only one having brilliant ideas and the one who launches first will be called a pioneer. Flutter is ideal for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development process or paradigm. MVP allows you to develop a minimal functional prototype to be launched at least a beta and test your market hypothesis. Google Flutter allows to use single codebase to develop native iOS and Android mobile apps though an SDK or (Software Development Kit) having command-line tools, engine rendering, APIs, and readymade widgets, and we are fully prepared to take the advantage of the all these tools.

Fantastic Flutter Facts:

  • Flutter apps are compiled into native binaries, using C/C++ graphics engines, producing a fast and high-performance app.
  • Flutter apps can get a steady 60fps on most devices and up to 120 fps with support for it.
  • It supports a hot reload or allows combining new widgets with the running app, without the need to recompile it entirely.
  • Develop native iOS and Android app using one codebase.
  • Flutter Doctor is a next level debugging tool to help developers.
  • A highly flexible framework with a widgets’ library for use.
  • The graphics library can leverage separate GPU for rendering rich UI and graphics.

Why You Must Opt for Flutter

  • Backed by Google: The reliability, longevity and support are all provided with the trust of Google. Flutter is Google’s UI SDK to help create great native apps. The Flutter developer and contributor community is rising exponentially each week and is contributing to make its library rich and friendlier. It has overtaken other hybrid application development tools like React native, Node.js and others.

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  • Flutter is Faster: The syntax for Dart for Flutter is clean and simple making it powerful to create applications with standardization, ease of maintenance, and coding standards firmly in place. Dart syntax is like C# and TypeScript making it much easier to learn and apply.
  • Ideal for MVP Development: An MVP or a Minimal Viable Product helps preventing idea failures as you get feedback on customer needs and wishes. It can give you the fastest turnaround time from concept to launch. Flutter applications are compatible with the web, desktop, and mobile from the word go. At Raindrops Technologies, we have mastered the art of development of MVP to help you launch the app in shortest possible time.
  • Flutter for Web: Flutter has entered the web market and is going to overtake other responsive JavaScript based technologies with an exponential growth. With Web4.0 technologies (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript) the apps built using Flutter can smoothly render in any browsers and it uses the same code base for Web, mobile or desktop.
  • Flutter for Desktop: Flutter for macOS is in the alpha stage and there is a handful of plug-ins available for macOS development support.
  • Cross-Platform Development: With the launch of HummingBird in May 2019, Google added web support to flutter mobile apps with a web view. It helped in loading and rendering content dynamically without rewriting the code. It also greatly improved cross-platform support for app development. We have extensive experience in development of native and hybrid app development and can vouch for the benefits Flutter has over conventional app development practices

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  • Common UI: The reusable widgets in Flutter allow for a similar UI across all platforms. The users of one platform would feel perfectly at home on another one. UI can be regulated and controlled by code for iOS and Android Flutter apps.
  • Hot reload: The hot reload feature in Flutter saves a lot of development time. It allows for applying all changes immediately, on the go, without losing application state. Tasks such as building UI, fixing bugs and adding new features do not require the whole app to be shut down and recompiled.
  • Comparable Performance: Flutter code gives as much efficiency as any native app can as its most heavy graphics libraries are written in C/C++. Its core compiles directly into native code unlike interpretation for JavaScript based development tools.
  • Responsive Apps: Flutter apps can run on any platform and any size of devices because they are highly responsive. It does not need any change in the code or design.

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  • Fast Launch: Flutter developers have access to a vast range of pre-designed tools, libraries, and a single codebase for a cross-platform app. It reduces the app design & development time and eliminates the risk of idea having been float already.
  • Supported Most: Flutter is supported by Android studio, VS Code, IntelliJ, etc. most common IDEs. The Flutter and dart plug-ins for VS code is a lightweight unit where everything is configurable.
  • Vast Library and Rich Documentation: Despite being new, Flutter has a big community supporting it and that has resulted in a very big library of widgets and tools as well as rich documentation for developers.
  • Custom-made Widgets: You can use pre-defined widgets from the Flutter library, but if you have a very specific need, then you can customize existing widgets or build a new one.


Google’s Flutter has proven to be a game-changer in hybrid and cross-platform app development market. It has not only made the life of developers easier, but also revealed the potential in the market. Flutter’s assurance of a quick turnaround time and go-to-market approves. Hire Flutter app developers at Raindrops InfoTech, we recommend Flutter as an ideal choice for business if you are going to target potential customers on all platforms. The cost-effective Flutter developed apps feature choice and empowerment. Businesses having a tight budget should certainly look ahead to grow with feet firmly on solid ground.

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