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The Cost of Cab-Hailing Apps like Ola and Uber is Much Less Than You Think!

The Cost of Cab-Hailing Apps like Ola and Uber is Much Less Than You Think!

The urbanization is growing and with that commutation for work, schools, entertainment, parks, and everything. A handful of districts have clearly demarcated business and residential areas, but most districts have grown organically and their markets, business units, offices, schools, malls, etc. all spread all over the city. This makes the commute messy, roads full of traffic and parking space far and few between.

Using you’re your own car to work or shopping can be very stressful and exhausting. The parking of your car presents with another set of problems – parking space not available, available too far away, only for a limited time or very expensive.

Having a cab or taxi service, using just a few taps with a mobile cab-hailing apps, is just the right answer for all these problems. Uber and Ola are the world’s first and the most installed cab-hailing apps, respectively, integrating city transport like cabs, package delivery and carpool services. Their mobile apps ensure a convenient, transparent, and quick service platform.

What it Take?

Building an app comparable to the best in class apps like Uber and Ola is not an easy task, but neither is it an impossible task. Even private operators of the fleet of taxi cars can get their own solution build on the lines of these apps from a reliable and experienced taxi booking app Development Company like Raindrops Infotech.

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First, if you think that a cab-hailing solution only has a customer side app, then you are off the mark by a very wide margin. If to efficiently handle and manage your taxi services you will need at least:

  • One app for passengers
  • One app for drivers/partners
  • Backend online management and monitoring system, preferably on cloud

We are fully aware of the various requirements of developing an app for all needs – customer facing app, driver app, and backend solution with simple web/app interface.

The cost of developing an Ola or Uber like cab-hailing app depends on many features that you would want in the app for your users and drivers. We develop the overall solution with core and optional features allowing you to choose from them affecting the final costing. The costs also depend on the taxi app development company you select, experience of developers and designers, and software platform.

How Does a Taxi-Hailing App Work?

When a passenger books a ride following happens:

The passenger logins to the app and mobile’s GPS provides your current location. Passenger then enters the destination and selects the type of cab/service with price differential – mini cabs, sedans, carpooling. The app connects the passenger to the nearest available driver and a confirmation with driver’s info, estimated fare, rating, and ETA are provided. The passengers can share the ride information for or safety purposes. Driver’s real time location and ETA are constantly updated on the passenger’s app so that they don’t have to wait for the cab.

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On arrival, the passenger gives OTP to verify and start the ride. During ride, the real time location is updated for the passenger and anyone who has been shared the ride info, on their respective apps. Finally, at the destination, the passenger can make cash payment or use online wallets for payment. The passengers can rate the ride, cab, and driver and the driver can do the same for the passengers.

Features of Passenger App

  • Registration and login using mobile and Google/social media
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Share ride info with family for safety
  • Driver and cab rating and review
  • Multiple payment options
  • Monthly/weekly share pass and discount coupons
  • Schedule a ride, book rides for others
  • Ride and transaction history
  • Fare and travel time estimation
  • Saving addresses
  • Notifications
  • Panic/SOS Button

Features of Driver App

  • Simple Registration and login
  • Verification of documents
  • Available, accept and reject ride buttons
  • OTP verification of passenger
  • Trip Information and notifications
  • Navigation using integrated map
  • Upcoming rides
  • Ride History with income tracking
  • Rate customers
  • Driver support & services

Cost Components of a Taxi App Solution

There are no fixed criteria for estimating the cost for development of a taxi app, as everything that goes into it is human intellect and ingenuity. But, based on above features the following services and factors will decide the cost for a taxi app like Ola and Uber.

  • Location, Routing & Coverage: These features are the backbone of the solution, and without proper integration of map services, GPS, routing mechanism, etc. services like cab tracking, fare and ETA estimation features of the app will not work.
  • Secure Payments: Taxi apps can have their own wallets or can be integrated with other mobile wallets and payments systems. Secure payment gateway integration is necessary.
  • Discounts, Fare Estimation: Estimated cost need to be displayed before ride confirmation and so are share pass and discount coupons/promo-codes.
  • Registration, Profiles and Login: It covers initial sign-up, OTP verification, login, picture upload. Based on this the reviews and rating features will work, so it is one of the most important parts of any taxi app.
  • Communication and Notification: Integration of SMS gateway, Email Server, Push Notifications Registration via social media accounts is necessary for any communication with passengers and drivers. This sub-system will send push notifications, emails, SMS, in-app promotions, important service messages, etc. It will also be used for complaints, support, and reviews.
  • UI/UX: The design and layout of all features, calls-to-action and screen transitions will decide how simple and intuitive the app is going to be. Proper wire framing and UI and UX design are important for that.

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  • Platform:Two most popular platforms, Android and iOS have entirely different set of skill-set and technical demands. This choice will affect many other choices. Or you can go with hybrid apps that work on platforms and cost much less than the combined costs of two apps for two platforms.


Taxi app development costs vary on multiple other factors such as the outsourcing country, exchange rates, developer exposure and experience, etc., that are not controllable. At Raindrops Infotech, we strive to provide a reliable and competitive cost estimate after hearing all your requirements and studying them thoroughly. This estimate is subject to certain fair and justified assumptions and you can always contact our market representatives for clarifications. If you are looking to outsource to a taxi app development company within budget, get in touch.

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